Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter time

Well, not posting shows that life has been pretty busy! To update you on my past 4-5 months: 1. Started my 5th year of teaching and my kids are great this year (knock on wood). 2. I have one more semester of grad school left....if I pass my thesis (crossing my fingers). 3. I broke my wrist playing flag football at my school....awesome (actually very frustrating, first broken bone.) 4. I have enjoyed going to Park City about every 6 weeks to stay at the Canyons resort for teacher's been a nice get a way. 5. My oldest brother moved to Norway....long ways away. 6. My car (Silvia) got side swiped by a Jordan school district bus, with 5 Jordan school district teachers in my car (don't worry, the district paid for that, and my wrist too...meaning I have cost my school district an extra $5,000 this year! 7. My salary was unfrozen after 4 years...YAHOO! 8. Found out I will be getting a student teacher for 3rd quarter! 9. I have enjoyed going to quite a few concerts of all sorts. 10. The true heartbreaker...I lost my dear grandmother. The only grandparent I know and my emotions were strong. Bottom line is, I realized how blessed I was to be her granddaughter, and to have the knowledge I can be with her again one day. Love her and miss her dearly! I'm looking forward to Christmas break and hope to update sooner next time:) LIFE IS GOOD:) Christy

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  1. Wow! What a crazy past couple of months!! I miss grandma too!! The Christmas party just wasn't the same without her. I can't believe you are almost done with grad school! Wahoo!! And, a student teacher will be nice too!! Let's get together soon!! Miss ya!!