Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer time life...

So it has been a while since I blogged. I have been all over lately but it's summer time right so it's a good time for me to vacation a bit:) Well, the school year came to an end and I will be honest that last week of school is always pretty rough, but we made it. It's always hard to say goodbye to great students so it makes it a little bitter sweet, but we were ALL ready for summer! I am taking grad school classes all summer on Wednesday nights. I am signed up for 3, but currently am down to my last class. I have been taking: Problems in Education, New Media, and am currently taking an Interview class. It keeps me busy with reading and writing, but it's sooooo much easier to do when I don't work full-time so I really can't complain right now. In June I went with my guy friends on a random trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado for a good get away and it was so fun and relaxing. The end of June and beginning of July my parents and I took a cruise from Canada through New was a blast!! I posted some pix of it. The rest July I will be going to the rodeo (we go to every year), I am turning 27 years old (crazy), and I am going to California with friends! My family is great and I hope to see them all a bit more over the summer. It's crazy to me because my oldest nephew is going to be a junior in high school....that's right a junior! Crazy how old they are getting, it just makes me realize I really need to make an effort to spend time with them because they really do grow up so fast! I hope to be better at blogging more, we will see what we can do about that....:)

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