Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Time

Spring Time 2012

I don't know about you, but I have been ready for spring for a long time now! I love the warm weather and being able to walk/run outside again! There is a fun little route up in the avenues that I run on and I LOVE going on that versus the treadmill in the gym.
I just had spring break, and it was nice to see family. I have been on some fun dates, nothing serious just fun. And teaching is winding down and it's crazy I will be in my 5th year of teaching next year....time flies!
Grad school is keeping me busy but I only have one more year, so now I need to start getting my thesis ready...wish me luck on that, I will need it:)
My nieces and nephews are adorable as ever. My nephew who is 16 went on his first date a few weeks ago, and that weirds me out....A LOT!
My parents are great, and they keep us laughing. It is always nice to have them come visit.
I am hoping to go to New England this summer for a vacation so I am crossing my fingers that works out.
I am reading a great book "Unbroken" and would suggest it to anyone. It is a true story about a WW II vet.
Well, that is all for the update at this point, hopefully I will be better at blogging as the year goes on!
Enjoy the great weather!

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