Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer thus far.....

So I seriously can not believe it is July already! June literally flew by this time, and I really need savor my summer moments before school starts back up!
Here is what I have been up to lately:

1. Been to Ephraim to visit my parents a few relaxing.
2. Been on a few dates...
3. Been swimming.
4. Been working on my Master's program....but I went from 3 to ONE class now so it's much more chill!
5. Been....gettin' a scholarship for school! I was so relieved to get a mini scholarship and save some mula!
6. Been hangin' out with friends and roomies...(I even "dragged State Street" like a teenager last night and it was a blast!
7. Been reading....Started "The Help" and highly suggest it....I love it!
8. Been buying music off of itunes here are a few: Matt Wertz, Blake Shelton, Rihanna, Cranberries....that's right, I have a wide genre.
9. Been playing with my ADORABLE nieces and nephews
10. Been going for runs and walks and even cancelled my gym membership for the summer because I LOVE being outside to work out....Need that Vitamin D right!

Well, no vacations planned because I went during the school I think fondly of my time I spent at the beach in February and longingly wish I could go back to the beach this summer....but--at least I have pictures to reminisce about the beach with:)
Enjoy the summer it goes WAY too fast!

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  1. Your summer sounds like it's been lots of fun! Keep living it up and don't think about school at all :)
    I still need to go swimming this summer!