Monday, May 9, 2011

Grad School and DC

So this past month has gone by SO fast and I feel like a lot has happened. For Spring Break me, my parents, and my 15 year old nephew went to Washington DC together and we had a great time! I feel like it has been a rat race since I got home so I have not uploaded pix yet but they will be coming.....There was so much history there, I will definitely have to go back because there is no way to get it all in, in 4 days but we sure tried! Probably my favorite thing to see was George Washington's house at Mt. was absolutely beautiful!
Something else that is just beginning is grad school...through Weber State this time. I started grad school through SUU last year and took 2 classes that transferred over to Weber State. I am in the MPC (Masters of Professional Communications) program. I went to a 6 hour presentation on Saturday and go a feel for what I will be doing for the next two years. I know it is going to be A LOT of work...but it should be a great experience, I enjoy learning about communications a lot. There are 26 of us in the program so I am sure by the end of the program, I will know each one of them very well.
Something else really cool, is I took out my endowments in the Manti Temple. I have been wanting to for a while, and I was finally proactive about it. It was a wonderful experience...the temple is beautiful!
I have decided not to work this summer so that when I get done with my grad school classes I can take a full out mental break and just chill....that will be nice to get to that point! In the meantime, 18 DAYS LEFT OF TEACHING!


  1. Christy! That is so awesome that you took your endowments out! Congrats! The temple is an amazing place and such a blessing! :)

  2. I can't wait to see pictures from your trip!! Sounds like you had a blast. I loved George Washington's house too. Good luck with Grad school. You'll do great and it'll totally be worth all the stress and headache!!

  3. Christy, that's great news about the temple! And I'm excited to see pictures from your trip too!