Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My randomness

So It is July 19th and I should be working more on my final project for my class, but I figured this would be a good....productive distraction. So I will update my life with pictures because those are much more fun....Well, since I last wrote I ran the Ragnar Relay and as much as I was dreading it, I had fun because my group was awesome!
I have made quite a few trips down to Ephraim and LOVE going up to the mountains. It literally takes like 10 min. to get winding up the mountain in my hometown and I love it, it is sooooo peaceful.
In other random news, the Nielson Farm was happy to get their first crop of hay up before all the rain. Yes, even though the rain has been nice...it can be very costly for farmers so this year my dad and brother were less stressed because their hay was NOT ruined by rain. Whenever it rains I love it, but I always worry a bit during crop seasons, the farmers daughter in me:)
I have tended my cute niece Halle Jae and she keeps me smiling and on my toes!
I went with friends to St. George and we had a great time going to dinner, relaxing, shopping, watching movies, and catching up!
I had a birthday! It was a wonderful birthday, I turned the big 26 and had a great day. My friends and I hit the Ute Stampede Rodeo as we do every year, but the saddest thing happened....a horse broke it's leg and therefore, we all knew they would have to put it down so that was sad to see!
I am finished with my summer class this Monday and I CAN'T WAIT!
I love the summer and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sleeping in!
Oh......and I HATE the back to school commercials, they at least need to get us through July without them right:)

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  1. Sounds like you're doing summer right! I know what you mean about the back-to-school ads--I was just telling Mike the same thing yesterday. We still need some R&R! :)