Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why I love Fall

So I will have to post pictures of this event later, but I had to mention in a little blurb how much I LOVE Fall. So here are my reasons.....
#1: Football season!!! Football is my favorite sport and I LOVE watching it! My little nephew (he's actually not so little anymore) had a Freshman football game against Juab yesterday and he was awesome! It is so fun to watch football with the family.

#2: Fall has the most breaks (UEA, Thanksgving, Christmas, etc.)

#3: The leaves are beautiful!

#4: The weather is great! Not too hot not too cold!

#5: Lots of fun holidays to decorate for!

#6: My students are still quiet and scared so they are easier to teach!

#7: Candy corn....just ask anyone who knows me I LOVE this stuff but I only eat it in the fall.

#8: Garden food from my parents garden.

#9: Family get-togethers. It is wierd but about 75% of my family (no joke) is born in the fall so we have a lot of family get togethers. In November alone we have 6 b-days from my immediate family.

#10: It's relaxing. I don't know what it is but there is something about fall that is relaxing and low-key to me. Maybe it's all the breaks we get, but I love how relaxing it seems!


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