Friday, August 27, 2010


So teaching has really helped me figure how I am going to be as a parent. I could go off on the things I have learned regarding this, but the big thing I have learned is how to, or how NOT to name my kids. For example, if your child is going to go by his middle name, I am going to call him by his first name for a while because that is how it comes up on the role! Also, some people are killing me with the spelling. Also, pronouncing names can be a mess. For example, see what you think.........Nainoa, Brieocea, Misikei,etc.........Oh, and I can always guess the popular name for the year they were born. In 1997 and 1998 it was: Tanner, Colten, McKenzie, Kayden, Taylor, etc. And what about those names that you think should be a male name but they are actually a female or vice-versa. For example I have a girl named Tylar (tyler), a girl named Bryce! And last but not least.....the unique names. I teach a Saphirre this year, I teach a Barak, I teach a girl named Wanchanputri, a girl named Winter White and a Makessa. But the one that takes the cake for unique names is my girl who is named Mississippi Jackson! No joke that is her name! Her parents obviously love this state (maybe a little too much). Never have I taught a person with the same name as a state, and state capitol but there is always a first for everything right! Well I should add that there are some names that I really like this year. My cute name list is: Camden, Maya, Savannah, Ryker, Treyson, and Kylee. Ask me at the end of the year and I will tell you if I still like those names, it is subject to change!


  1. Haha! This is so funny! Your team does have some crazy names this year! Mississippi?! I hope he/she has a Nick name! That is just a pain to write and say. I like the name Maya too! Very cute!

  2. Holy Cow, I don't even know what those first names (Nainoa, Briecocea, Misikei) are supposed to say! I'm glad I didn't have to pronounce those! It is a big joke out here how weird names are in Utah, I don't get it!

  3. I love this post. Mostly because I relate so well! My thoughts about names have changed so much since teaching!