Sunday, August 22, 2010

From graduation to the present life

Well I honestly can not believe it but I start my new school year tomorrow and it is my 3rd year! What?!? Time flies! I assume people think I really know what I am doing now............but there is always a lot to learn so really I don't. The good thing is I know what to expect and anticipate.........for the most part. It is going to be wierd because the students I taugh my first year are now the oldest in the school....graders. Also, I was looking at my roster and I have a lot of former students' siblings in my class so I can say "Oh, I taught your brother" which is wierd because that kind of makes me feel old! Anyway, I am sad the summer is ending, and yet new beginnings can always be kind of fun! I will keep you posted on good student stories.........they are always saying something to crack me up. Here's to a new school year!!!

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  1. Hope it's a great year!! Let's still get together as much as possible!! I LOVE hanging out with you!!! :) Good Luck!!