Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Year 2011!!

2011----Quite Eventful!

JANUARY 2011: My cute hilarious papa turned 70 and we had a family party for him at his favorite place in the world.....SIZZLER! He keeps us all laughing. My brothers and I enjoy telling each other "the latest thing Rog did or said." For example, last night I took him and my mom to the movie in SLC and when it the bill came to $26 bucks for 3 movie tickets Rog said "Holy &$%## that much for a movie!" He doesn't care that people are around he says what is exactly on his mind and it is pretty dang funny!

FEBRUARY 2011: I want on a Western Caribbean Cruise and it was absolutely amazing! I went with my good friend Cami Slade. I didn't know the 2 boys we would be going with, but by the end of the trip we were the best of friends! It was so fun, relaxing, and WARM! I of course had to take off one week of school, but it was worth it, and I hate to admit it, I didn't think about school once!

MARCH 2011: I found out that I got into Weber State's Master's of Communications Program and I was excited to be furthering my education in a field that I had always loved.

APRIL 2011: My parents, and nephew (Tanner) and I went to D.C. for spring break! My friend Brian, that I met on the cruise, lived in D.C. and he talked it up enough that we decided to visit. It was soooo fun! My nephew Tanner, who literally lives in the sticks was our lifesaver on the metro system, we were impressed with his sense of direction!

MAY 2011: I found out I would be a bit busier at my school. I was appointed Department Head of the Social Studies Department. I Started my master's program and I really enjoy the people in my co-hort.

JUNE 2011: Yay!!! School is out for the summer! I ran the Ragnar with friends and really enjoyed it! Oh, and for a school project I made a brochure for my brother's company He is still buffer than ever and is preparing to try and break his deadlift record in 2012...go Brady!

JULY 2011: My big 26th birthday! My close friends went on a St. George trip and had a blast!

AUGUST 2011: I got back to my roots and went to a derby in Heber with a bunch of friends....good times. The bad part, because not everything is perfect in a year right, I landed in ER. I woke up one morning at 4 a.m. with sharp pains in my stomach. I started throwing up profusely (gross I know) and I couldn't leave my bathroom, luckily I had grabbed my phone and of all people---I call my parent's who live 2 hours away, but it was so comforting to talk to them. They rushed up here, took me to the hospital, and from there they gave me an IV so I didn't get dehydrated. They ran all sorts of tests, and really could find the reasoning why I was in pain and throwing up. They narrowed it to 3 things---My celiacs disease acting up, a stomach virus, food poisoning. Anyway, I was sick for a week, and my parents took me to E town and took care of me....I don't know what I would do without them!

SEPTEMBER 2011: The school year is going's my 4th year of teaching and my 7th graders are the best group I have EVER taught (knock on wood:))

OCTOBER 2011: Juggling teaching with going to school full time is pretty crazy but my friends help me by keeping my social life going a bit too...very busy time!

NOVEMBER 2011: On the 2nd of November my 7th niece is born to my brother Brady and his wife Jane. Halle is the big sister, and they named my beautiful new niece Harper. I adore her and could hold her all day long if she let me!

DECEMBER 2011: My awesome research partner and I finished our big--long research paper where we studied the impact of school announcements in my middle school. Christmas parties, shopping, packing.....yay for Christmas and New Years!

I am lucky to have an amazing family and great friends! I still love running, beading, and watching football. I love my job and the people I work with. I still have places I want to travel to so hopefully I can visit somewhere fun in 2012, if there is a beach I will always be happy!

May everyone have an even better year during 2012..Happy New Year!!


  1. Sounds like a fun year, minus the getting sick part! Glad things are going well for you, you are such a cutie! Too bad I didn't get to see you this visit but next time we'll all have to get together again!

  2. Glad to read your year update! So sad I don't get to see you :(. We'll have to try and get a group together this summer to hang out when I come visit :)

  3. Your year was amazing! Especially that cruise! Such a good idea. And I agree, we really do have the best group of 7th graders this year!