Friday, November 20, 2009

My 7th graders crack me up

So I have to say I really, really love teaching my 7th graders! Of course they can be a little wild but they are funny too! I have one class in particular that really cracks me up and makes me laugh. I can have fun with them and yet they still know when to get back to work! Anyway, I have a really funny student and I always have to make sure he is on task. I was walking past his desk today and he hadn't started yet so I told him he hadn't even started and he better get to work and he said "No Miss Nielson, that's just a fragment of your imagination my assignment is done!" I could not help but laugh! I have heard a lot of excuses in my teaching career but that is by far the best one yet! Anyway, that is a typical work day for me and I love it! They keep me entertained!

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