Sunday, January 11, 2009

Work Life

So I just decided it was time to get a blog because pretty much everybody else has one and I enjoy looking at them. So my first post I thought I should talk about my knew career this year.............Teaching 7th grade!!! I love it! I just graduated from B.Y.U in August of 2008 and I took a job at Fort Herriman Middle School teaching 7th grade Utah Studies. I work with amazing people and the school is only 4 years old so it's nice and new. The kids have a lot of energy but they are overall very good and very fun to work with. They leave me with a lot of funny stories everyday. For example...........this week I had the students correct a short quiz. I kept looking at one of my "known-to-be-off-task" students because he was writing on his hand. Since I always call him out I tried to be suttle and said "I don't want you to do anything else but correcting your quizzes!" This didn't stop him, so I finally went over there and stopped everything to ask him what he thought he was doing, he then told me that he didn't have a peice of paper to write the quiz on, so he used his hand! He had 10 answers all over his hand! And that is how the majority of my sweet little 7th graders minds process. He didn't think through how he was going to turn in the assignment (he wasn't to fond of the idea of chopping his hand off) but by darn he was going to write that quiz down somewhere even if it meant sacrificing his hand to be completely overtaken by black ink! Anyway, my first year of teaching has been very adventurous and I have really enjoyed the experience!

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  1. that is a funny story! YOu didn't tell me that one yet! I'll have to come find out who it was, but I have my suspicions. Too Funny! I'm glad you started a blog!